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Full article: Wheelchair basketball athletes in North Myrtle Beach say sport is more than just a game; by Kelsey Riggs

Exhibition games with SOTA organization from Cabarrus College of Health Sciences.
Independent Tribune - Concord, NC

WSOCTV - 2013 Carolina TarWheels' Winter Classic

As well as the online news article

Independent Tribune

The TarWheels were lucky enough to have the Independent Tribune come out to practice a couple weeks ago and interview several of our members! They also got some great footage of wheelchair basketball including a first hand perspective from a chair mounted camera! Make sure to check out the exquisite job done by both Michael Knox and James Nix!

'I’ve gotten part of me back that I’d lost'

News 14 Carolina
Keep an eye on News 14 Carolina over the next couple days for the latest coverage of The TarWheels' Basketball team!

Charlotte Observer -

Wheelchair Basketball -
By: James Nix

TarWheels offer disabled a chance to compete
By: James Nix | Independent Tribune
The usual sounds were there.
The rubber ball bouncing against the hardwood, the referee's whistle sounding a foul and the buzzer echoing throughout the gymnasium.
To the casual observer passing by, it sounded like any other basketball game, except there was not the familiar squeak of shoes running up and down the court. In its place.... read more

8/21/2010 - 8/22/2010 
The Wall Street Journal -
The TarWheels post a 3rd place finish at our first ever National Wheelchair Softball Tournament. Isaac Cunningham (right) makes "The Wall Street Journal"!

Cabarrus Living
By: Beth Feeback
"On a roll" Cabarrus Living Magazine (click: "show original" after selecting image to read and open zoom option)

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