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Carolina Tarwheels Adaptive Rehabilitation program has changed over the 2016-2017 season. Carolina Tarwheels maintained an extremely successful wheelchair basketball and softball program throughout 2008-2016 seasons. In August, 2016 we realized we had no option but to figure our a different path for our program and our athletes. After an eight year battle with Cabarrus County to get access to handicap accessible gym facilities we finally gave up. Competing at the level we were competing we needed 2 practices a week at 3 hours each and Cabarrus County wanted to charge us upwards of $10,000 to use their facilities. Since our annual budget is around $10,000, it was just not a financial request we could meet.

Our new goal still over access to programs and support for our athletes on and off the court. Donnie Langford is now coaching the Rollin' Hornets wheelchair basketball program. Several athletes from the Carolina Tarwheels are now playing within the Rollin Hornets program. We also have several players that are playing with the Triad Trackers wheelchair basketball team in Winston Salem since that program is closer to their home than the Rollin' Hornets. Jennifer Langford is still helping fundraise and write grants for adaptive equipment for the new athletes that contact us about participating in wheelchair sports.

We are supportive of all the programs the Carolina Tarwheels athletes are participating in. All our athletes teams are having incredible success!!


Mention the Carolina TarWheels to someone today, and you might hear the comment, “I remember watching them play on T.V. several years ago.” The organization was formed in 1978 and lasted throughout the early 90’s. During those years a couple teams in the area decided to combine forces due to a lack of available players in the area. Times have changed and more players than ever live in the area. With goals of more than just basketball, the TarWheels would be reborn!

In 2008 Donnie Langford began the process of bringing back The TarWheels. Along with six other players, some of whom had played with Coach Langford, and some new to the game, the TarWheels were back on the road. Donnie and his daughter Jennifer put great effort into finding players, gaining sponsors, fundraising, as well as working with local companies and governments to make the new organization one that stands out among all adaptive sports programs. The team now continues to expand their goals, horizons, and connections in the area.

The TarWheels are no longer just a basketball team, but have also found enough interest in the area to form a competitive Softball team as well. The basketball team belongs to the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, NWBA, and the softball team with that of the National Wheelchair Softball Association, NWSA. Many adaptive sports such as golf, fishing, flag football, water skiing, handcycling, and several others are in the midst of being taken up by the TarWheels as future funding becomes available. As interest is shown in a sport, the organization anticipates being able to provide an opportunity to any disabled person ready to become a TarWheel.

Working with the TarWheels

The TarWheels support from the community doesn’t go unrecognized. The group tries to give back by working with schools, churches, and in other ways to educate and remove stereotypes that can exist just do to a lack of exposure. Witnessing a fast paced and competitive game such as wheelchair basketball can quickly change a child or even an adult’s opinion on what it means to be “confined to a wheelchair.” You can visibly see a child grow in understanding when someone rides into the gym on a handcycle, or letting them watch an exhibition basketball game against their coaches and teachers. With your help the TarWheels can grow to become an indispensable community organization.

Feel free to contact us with any interests.


The Carolina Tarwheels sports program is dedicated to enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities by providing opportunities to develop the person as a whole, by promoting health, fitness, and education through sport, recreational, and social activities. We promote accessibility, participation, and integration while offering a program that is enjoyable and meaningful to participants.

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