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Tennis as adapted for play in a wheelchair has the same basic rules as able-bodied tennis, although there are a couple exceptions. A player's chair doesn't move side to side and must face in a direction to go in that direction, also a wheelchair is not as fast "off the line" as a player on foot. The adapted rules are to allow a player to overcome these timing issues.  In wheelchair tennis the ball is allowed to bounce up to two times. The second bounce is also allowed to bounce outside of the court. Another notable rule in wheelchair tennis is that the player's wheelchair is considered to be part of the body.

Three categories are played in wheelchair tennis; Men's, Lady's, and Quad's each of these also includes a singles and doubles tournament. The Quads category has players who are quadriplegics. There are a few adaptations to a quadriplegic player, they can tape their racket to their hand and also electric wheelchairs can be used.

A sports chair is used in wheelchair tennis, but when set up specifically for tennis there are a few things an observer will notice. A tennis chair will have a high degree of camber in the wheels to help with turning and stability. A tennis chair often has a lower stance than that of a chair set up for the same player participating in a sport such as basketball. The tennis setup sometimes will have one caster in the front as opposed to two, also there is a wheelie-bar caster set behind the player to keep from flipping over backwards.

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