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A handcycle is just as it sounds, a bike which is powered by a persons hands. Most handcylces have three wheels as opposed to two. Many people are aware of recumbent bikes which are foot powered, a handcycle has a similar setup as a recumbent except for the pedals are powered at arm level by your hands. Everything which controls the bike, the brakes and gears, are made easily accessed on or near the hand pedals. The handcycle has many similar parts as a road bicycle might have, the main difference being the price!

A very basic new handcycle has a starting price tag of around $2,500! Luckily, several members in the TarWheels organization have their own ride! The organization also has connections so that we are able to get a handcylces or two on loan when it comes to The TarWheels Carolina Crusin' event put on each year. This event raises money for The TarWheels organization and allows for our disabled athletes to make some life long memories and push themselves to trek the 60+ miles per day. 2012 was our first year bringing back the ride originally done by Jeff Brafford, a team member of the TarWheels. We also invite others interested from some nearby cities to come and join in the ride as we travel from just outside of Concord, NC to North Myrtle Beach!

Carolina Crusin' Handcycle Ride/Fundraiser 2012 - Norwood, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC 9/27 - 9/29/2012

Handcylces can reach speeds close to that of a traditional bicycle, the steering has a wider turning radius, and can be a little less stable than a bicycle. A seasoned rider can have lots of advice for a novice!  As in most sporting events there are many levels of competition. There are top level riders who compete in races and are becoming more recognized when they show up at events which also have traditional road bike racers. Many of our handcyclist ride recreational quite regularly during the non-winter months! If you'd like to join for a ride, contact us and let us know!

The TarWheels are always looking to expand on the equipment available to offer our disabled community and are trying to acquire a couple team bikes! If you would like to sponsor the TarWheels with a donation of a used or new handcycle, such a donation would be certainly appreciated!

704 791-5803 · www.thecarolinatarwheels.org · 2404 Lynn Dr. Concord, NC 28025

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