Sunday, September 8, 2013

Could this be the year?

Sept. 8th 2013
September 7th marked the start to the new season for The Carolina TarWheels! With new members added  to the team, rookies who are growing fast, and a team who is already starting to "jell", it sure makes for a positive energy behind the scenes! After two years in a row of coming up short of expectations set at the beginning of those seasons, the team sure hopes to make itself known in the 2013-2014 season! It seems like unforeseen circumstances have plagued the team in each of the last two years just as the national tournament approached. Hopefully this year a new depth to the bench will give the team a shot at the title!

In the first two season's games on Saturday, The TarWheels played host to the Triad Trackers. An off-season divisional rearrangement of the Carolina Wheelchair Basketball Conference (CWBC) put the two teams in the same CWBC division starting this season. This was actually only the second and third time the two CWBC teams have played one another! The Trackers team has undergone some new acquisitions themselves over the summer, bringing in a new coach and players as well. Those two factors however weren't quite enough as the TarWheels were able to put points on the board at more than double the rate of the Trackers in both games! Final Scores: Game 1: 62-19, Game 2: 66-29.

Thanks to all of those who were in the stands to come and support the team in the first games of the year! Also thanks to those who have already picked a TarWheel to make a pledge for as the Carolina Crusin' Handcylce event approaches! The group will be traveling by handcylce (and several bicycles) on a three day, and approximately 200 mile journey! The TarWheels' fundraiser participants take to the road in Norwood, NC on September 26th and will arrive in North Myrtle Beach on September 28th! We are still in need of support to reach this year's budgetary goals, as expenses of a wheelchair sports organization will unfortunately never be a cheap thing to take on! If you'd like to make a pledge for the group or a player we sincerely thank you, and invite you to do so today using our PayPal account or directly via the address on our "Contact" page.

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