Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Basketball Pre-Season Update

A week ago a few members from the TarWheels traveled to Columbia, SC for the annual Carolina Wheelchair Basketball Conference's (CWBC) conference meeting. The 11 teams of the CWBC were all represented to discuss bylaws, set each team's conference schedule, and vote in two new teams to the conference!

Discussions went very well, especially considering the new alignment of the CWBC! We must first pat a couple members of the team on the back, Donnie Langford remains CWBC Treasurer, while Jennifer Langford was voted to change office from secretary to 1st Vice-President, and Brian Reinertsen (new to the team) was made secretary. Since one team, the Wilmington team folded and a N. Myrtle Beach team was formed, along with the addition of a Charlotte team, a North and South separation just didn't quite work. The 10 teams, plus one probationary team were voted on to be split into the Eastern CWBC and the Western CWBC. Teams are required to play two home and two away games at each of the teams in their division.

2013-2014 CWBC Teams
(click here for interactive map)

The east/west separation will hopefully save teams money on the season while at the same time experiencing tough competition in preparation for the CWBC Conference Tournament. This season the tournament will again be held in N. Myrtle Beach on March 1st and 2nd. As for the rest of the TarWheels' schedule, most of the games/tournaments have been scheduled, although there are a couple tournaments which are still up in the air. The Schedule page will be updated soon, for now, we want to keep you up to date so that you can attend at home and/or away! Here's a look at what we have on the calendar:

2013-2014 TarWheels Season

Noticeably the schedule includes more games than the required conference games for the TarWheels. A couple inter-division games were added for good measure, plus who doesn't mind a trip to Charleston?! The tournaments scheduled will hopefully well prepare a run at the title in that little tournament you'll notice at the bottom of the schedule... The NWBA's National Championship Tournament! We've got a strong team this year as well as plenty of optimism and drive! Make sure to add your email address to the bottom of the column on the right of your screen, and you'll be updated as the season progresses! As always, thanks for your support!

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