Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of December


Richmond Invitational
After the December 1st wins against the Spartanburg piston, the team took to the road. The Richmond Invitational tournament was held in Ft. Lee for the second year in a row. The tournament was a bit unlike most tournaments due to several factors. There were two pools going into this tournament, 5 teams per pool. It was set up so that a team played each team in their pool, then the second and first place teams of opposing pools would play, and the winners of those games for the championship. Unfortunately, one of the teams in The TarWheels pool was unable to attend, however a fill in game was put together using a nearby upper division team, the Charlottesville Cardinals. Next we played the Virginia Beach Sunwheelers. This team while in our division was last year an upper division team, so the are a probationary team. The loss to them, while frustrating to the team won't actually go against our ranking. Finally a game that truly counted, against the NRH Ambassadors, and The TarWheels showed up from the tip-off! Everyone played well together for The TarWheels and the final score was 62-31, a win for team! Then, once again, more confusion, a family medical emergency from a member of The Flyers team meant the team would have to bow out of the tournament so that everyone had a ride back to Fayetteville. This forfeit was an unfortunate was to gain a win  for the TarWheels, but now seeded the final bracket play to contend for the championship.

Pool B, The TarWheels pool, now had three teams, all of whom had 1 win and 1 loss; NRH had beat the Sunwheelers on day one of competition. Rankings for the bracket at this point was done looking at total points scored among the three teams. This placed The TarWheels in first place, thus playing Pool A's second place team, Philadelphia's Magee 76ers. 52-37 was the final score of this game and the TarWheels advanced to the championship game. Virginia Beach, won on the other side of the bracket and the two teams would play again. The TarWheels just couldn't quite overtake the Sunwheelers in this game however, and the second loss of the tournament was marked down for the disappointed team.

It was quite an odd tally for The TarWheels; 4 wins, 2 of which were from forfeits, and 2 losses to a probationary team, losses that don't affect our standings. Hopefully next years Richmond Invitational goes a little more smoothly!

Team Christmas Party
This years Christmas party was a great time! Everyone came out to the Langford's for the always tasty Janet Langford's cooking and festivities! Our Secret Santa gifts were exchanged, lots of laughs were had, and everyone enjoyed just having an opportunity to hang out with one another, families, and friends while off the court!

Georgia Hawks
Just before Christmas, the team jumped, okay no jumping was involved... the team got into the team van and took off to Augusta, Georgia! These conference games played against The Hawks were the very first time that the two teams have competed. The Hawks are new to the NWBA this year! They have done a great job putting a team together and hosted an excellent couple of games! In keeping with the holiday spirit, after The TarWheels collected the 14th and 15th win of the season, The Hawks invited us to join them for a holiday meal! Hawks' family members took great care of everyone and filled our stomachs before the drive back to Charlotte! Thanks to the Hawks for being such a considerate host!

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