Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TarWheels Fought Hard at the National Tournament!

Sixth in the nation is something to be proud of, sure... The thing is, the team was hoping for so much more! The TarWheels Organization and team were able to raise the money necessary with the support of the community and participants of our first annual golf tournament at The Rocky River Golf Course to send The TarWheels' Basketball team to the national tournament. It was a great success and so nice to see how many people are supportive of The TarWheel Organization. Many, many, many thanks to all those who were determined to send The TarWheels to Colorado to represent Concord, NC on a national level!

Once in Colorado, the TarWheels had several hard fought games. The national tournament was set up in a double elimination format. If you lose once, you drop to the loser's bracket, from there it's possible to make it to the championship game, but you do so by playing more games than if you stay in the winner's bracket. The TarWheels ended up losing to the Missouri team in the the third round of games. The game was close, while being up at the half, a disproportionate amount of fouls called in the second half made the obstacle of keeping more points than the opponent that much more daunting for The TarWheels. From there, the previously mentioned drop to the loser's bracket took place. The TarWheels stayed head strong and started out with a win, but the following game against The MAPVA Chargers eliminated The TarWheels from the tournament. This again was a close game in which the team just couldn't quite catch back up in the remaining minutes. On a positive note, the two teams that the TarWheels lost to went on to compete in the championship game with Missouri coming away with the championship trophy.

That sixth place sure seems much closer for us to a being right there at the top when all things are considered. The team will surely keep those games in mind until next season brings a chance for redemption. Next year's venue for the national tournament  is yet to be set, but there is talk of it taking place on the East coast and you can be sure The TarWheels will be there and ready to play!

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