Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bluegrass Invitational - A bit better this year!

After traveling to Charleston and getting a couple road wins, The TarWheels (#1) were pumped up and ready to play in the 34th Bluegrass Invitational Tournament in Lexington, KY. The event plays host to the top teams from across the nation, and for The TarWheels is an opportunity to see talent that we otherwise wouldn't have.

Being seeded 1st, a bye was drawn in the first round for The TarWheels, and our first game was against Seattle (#24). We showed up ready to play and won the first game. Day two of the tournament was a bit tougher, but once our shots started to fall and we began playing better we went on to beat The Wisconsin Thunder (#7). This put us in the bracket for the semi-finals.

Going up against The Turnstone Bandits (#5) was quite an intense game. The score stayed close for the entire game, but The TarWheels couldn't seem to get on the referee's good side. A technical was even called at one point which was later stated to have been a wrong call, and should have instead been a jump ball. This resulted in two points scored by Turnstone. While we did loose by two points, that call wasn't all to blame, had it been a better game with a higher percentage of shots going in, we would have been advancing to the championship game. We did play well as a team though, even after Donnie Langford (The TarWheels' to top scorer) fouled out with 10 minutes to go, we kept a small lead up until the final minute of the game. It was a tough first loss, but will help us to prepare for games and tournaments to come.

After this loss, in the double elimination set-up, The TarWheels went on to play Music City Lighting (#16). The Lightning had previously been sent to the looser's bracket by Turnstone. A win that Sunday morning would have still sent The TarWheels on to the championship game, however, it was not to be. Music City played very well, and height is one thing that you can't coach! The TarWheels lost, with Music City then went on to win the tournament in a championship bout against Turnstone. The TarWheels finished third, with a much better showing than we've had in recent years for this tournament!

The experiences gained from Lexington far outweigh the losses that now show up on our record. The TarWheels will be playing in our conference's tournament in Charleston, SC at the begining of March as well as the national tournament in Colorado Springs, CO at the end of March. Our sights are set on both of these tournaments! Our fundraising efforts are underway to be able to travel to Colorado, and we look forwards to playing as strong together there as we ever have!

Donations are a great way to support our organization! If interested, please feel free to use our paypal option, or contact us today to learn more about sponsorship or participation in our upcoming golf tournament/fundraiser at Rocky River Golf Club on March 9th.

Thanks for your continued support!
-The TarWheels

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