Saturday, November 12, 2011

Charleston Tournament Update

Tournament Updates: The TarWheels defeated The Fayetteville Flyers Saturday morning in a great battle. We started out a little slow in the first half and were down by 12 points. As the half first half ended we'd come back and were able to bring the scores back close to even. The second half started and so did the TarWheels! We went up by 16, Fayetteville did have a nice run, but we were able to hold them off and pull back away with a final score of 49-45.

The first game was followed by a game against The Spartanburg Pistons. The Pistons drew a bye for their seeding in the tournament. With only an hour and a half between our first and second games, The TarWheels came out ready to play! Although it was a rough and rowdy game, we finished up with a sizable win. Final score, TarWheels 53, Spartanburg 17.

With a little rest we all piled back in the van and rode back to the gym for one last game of the evening. It proved to be quite a physical game. Everyone made it through, but there was a loss of a wheel! Hey, what's eight bucks a spoke?! ...and about 8 broken while giving one foul! Wheelchair basketball is an expensive game, but we love it! The game stayed close for most of the time, there was a break away by us close to the end of the game, and then The Spokesmen came back to within a few. We were able to pull back away with a final score of 49-40 TarWheels!

A great battle for the championship game today! TarWheels are on the way home... UNDEFEATED! Final score: 75-59!

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