Friday, March 11, 2011

TarWheels Final (Basketball) Tournament - VA Beach!!

The TarWheels are on a high after finishing 1st and undefeated (4-0) in the Carolina Wheelchair Basketball Conference's (CWBC) Conference Tournament on February 26th and 27th. The Tournament was a great success! In the second season as an organization, and first season in the CWBC, the TarWheels put in a bid to host the tournament. This fortuitous decision made earning the championship trophy that much sweeter with a home crowd there to celebrate! Also, earning a personal tournament trophy for Class III All-Tournament was Donnie Langford! Season long personal trophies were also given out at the banquet dinner. All-Tournament trophies were given to Roger White, Donnie Langford, and Richard Travis, as well as Rookie of the Year trophy to David Hix! It is apparent that the TarWheels (29-5 this season) work very well as a team and congratulations are in order to all the TarWheels!

March 11th, the TarWheels travel to Virginia Beach, VA in hopes of adding another championship trophy to the collection! Games are March 12th and 13th. Teams from all over the east coast will be in attendance for this NIT Tournament. Funding to take a team to the national competition in Denver, CO can prove hard to find, as even a 2nd ranked team in the nation like the TarWheels have been made aware. A majority of the wheelchair basketball teams in the US seem to be on the east coast, thus giving the Virginia Beach tournament the feel of a national tournament to many teams attending. Thank you for keeping up with the TarWheels here and on facebook, wish us luck in Virginia!

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