Friday, January 7, 2011

Support The TarWheels!

The TarWheels are currently 3rd in the Nation, and are need of your support! A few major tournaments are just around the corner.

We travel to Lexington, KY at the begining of February for an invitiation only event where ten of the higher ranked teams in the nation will be competing! This is followed a couple weeks later at our home tournament, where for the first time, the TarWheels will be hosting the Carolina Conference's conference tournament! Again, ten teams will be competing for this coveted championship! The remaining tournaments in March and April are in Virginia Beach for the NIT, and hopefully we reach our fundraising goals and can take this 3rd place team to nationals in Denver, CO.

As you can imagine, hosting events, facility rentals, travel expenses, etc. are quite taxing on a team that exists because of donations. While asking is a hard thing to do, it is necessary, and even a small amount can add up to make a huge difference. If you'd like to help support the TarWheels, please click the "Donate" button on the right side of the page, or go to our contact page for additional options.

We thank you for your support in helping the TarWheels become a distinguised organization!

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