Sunday, January 17, 2016

Holiday celebrations are over and it is time to focus on preparations for the Wheelchair Basketball National Championship Tournament on April 7th-10th in Louisville, KY.  Next on the schedule is the Blue Grass Invitational Tournament scheduled for Feb. 20-21, also in Louisville, KY. This is a tournament the Carolina Tarwheels have been attending for years. They always secure great competition and it is a great way to gauge our team against the other top dogs in the league.

We have another half-time exhibition coming up on Feb. 24th at the Men's UNC-Charlotte game. We would appreciate any of our local fans to break out your Carolina Tarwheels' apparel and come out to support the team.

We have began our fundraising efforts for our NWBA Championship tournament expenses. If you or your company are interested in helping the Carolina Tarwheels' raise the funds for the trip we greatly appreciate donations of any size. We can accept donations through our website; the paypal button on the right side of this page. Our second option is you may send a check made out to the Carolina Tarwheels;  mailed to 2404 Lynn Drive, Concord, NC 28025.

Thank you for your continued support of the Carolina Tarwheels!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tarwheel's players are looking strong with season opener -

After making the 11 hour trek South, November 14th Tarwheels played in their first tournament of the season in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Tarwheels typically start the season in early September so the players have been chomping at the bit to get some competition other than fellow Tarwheel players at practice! We did go down with a skeleton crew of 6 players. Sadly, one of which suffered a shoulder dislocation transferring before the games even got started. Considering we had 5 players and no subs. We are extremely proud of how the Tarwheels competed.

First on the schedule is Tampa Strong Dogs, Tampa has been a rival in the past due to them matching up well with the skill level of the Carolina Tarwheels. Over the past years the Tampa Strong Dogs and the Carolina Tarwheels have taken turns knocking each other out of the bracket for the race for National Champion. On this Day the Carolina Tarwheel's pulled ahead winning the game 51-36. Tarwheel's had three players with double digit points; #22 Lister leading with 18 pts, #24 Morgan with 13 pts and #44 Langford with 12 pts.

Next up was Sunrise Suns, they appear to more of a developmental team which is what this league is all about. Their outside game was weak, the Tarwheels took advantage of this by playing zone defense and letting their players shoot. Tarwheels were able to snag the rebounds and head down to run plays and score. Ending score 81-23, leading scorers #24 Morgan wit
h 32 pts #22 Lister with 26 pts #10 Travis with 16 pts.

Tarwheels ended the day playing the Ft. Lauderdale Sharks. The Sharks are a strong team, newer in the league but have a developed line up. Their coach said their first season was 2014 and they watched the Tarwheels play at their top level winning the National Championship and were looking forward to playing us and seeing how we matched up. Unfortunately for the Tarwheels, missing our big guy ( still out recovering from shoulder surgery) we didn't have anyone that could shut down the Sharks center. Though, it was a close game Sharks came out ahead of the Tarwheels by 10,  51-61 final score.

Tournament ended on Sunday November 15th, Tarwheels last game was against the Orlando Rollin' Magic. The Tarwheels hands and bodies were feeling the pain of having not played any games yet this season that morning. But after a few minutes into play their muscles seemed to loosen back up and forget about their blistered hands. Tarwheels took their third win of the weekend over the Orlando Magic with a 64- 51 lead. #44 Langford leads the scoring with 29 pts, and #24 Morgan with 13 pts.

The Tarwheels went 3-1 for the weekend. We feel it is a great start, lets us know where we are at currently. We are looking forward to getting more of our players healthy and ready to play for our next games.

Next on the schedule is a Division 3/ Championship Division Tournament the weekend of December 4th-6th.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Long drive to see some different teams!

The players took a day off work to head down south! Eleven hours later the team was checking in at the hotel and finding a place for dinner... with seafood! Steve Lister has been a personal tour guide as Ft. Lauderdale is his old stomping ground. He graduated from NOVA South Eastern University so he knows of some good places to see when not in the gym!

The tournament consists of six teams from the Florida region, except of course for The TarWheels. There's some excellent games going on, the TarWheels look to add some victories this weekend to the win column!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Let's Get This Season Started!

Late September we completed our annual Ride to the Sea Hand-Cycling event to jump start our athletes getting in shape for wheelchair basketball season. We recently began practicing basketball and we are looking forward to a successful 2015-2016 Wheelchair Basketball season. We have decided to go conference independent this season which allows us to focus more on traveling to tournaments that offer more intense competition to advance the development of our players within the basketball program. The downside of going conference independent is we will not be playing as many local games for you, our dedicated fans to come and watch.

We are scheduling more events with the community this season, we are trying to expand the awareness of the Carolina Tarwheels and the availability of wheelchair and adaptive sports in the community. If you are interested in doing an awareness event with your company, community youth groups, church or able bodied sports program please contact us with details and dates.

Our website is under a little construction while we get everything updated and change some formats. As Richard and myself ( Jennifer) have become busier with day jobs we apologize for our website updates declining. We are excited to have a new Social Media Manager - Julian Safrit, we are looking forward to his new spin on things.

Please continue to check in with our schedule and our Facebook page so you can see if we are playing games or doing an event close to you!

Thank you for your continued support for the Carolina Tarwheels. Without our community support our program doesn't exist.

Friday, April 17, 2015

There's Always Next Year.

Well, there will be no repeat this year for the TarWheels. Unfortunately we have been eliminated from the tournament. Coming in as reigning champions it's to be expected that you'll have a target on your back, although we didn't expect the refs to paint one on as well. Congrats to those teams still in the hunt. As for the TarWheels, we'll have a year to remember and prepare for next. Thanks to everyone for such great support! We have some great fans. To the sponsors of our organization, we appreciate so much that you see the value in a community's need for adaptive sports! A special thanks for making sure our season and national tournament trip happened to Kempter Family Dentistry, Brown and Miller Racing, and to Vena and H. McCormick!

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